Disclaimer: many bad quality pictures forthwith...


Scrappy blocks, professionally quilted.
(This picture just look strange without pillows!)
79" x 88"
Ethel's quilt, based on a piece of stained glass art she has (see second picture).
 55" x 65"
Checkerboard, the 3rd time I've done it--I'm not sure if I'm getting any better or not! I guess it has sentimental value because it was the first design I ever did.
35" x 35"
Nine patch love! 53" x 60" (not yet quilted)


Bright nine-patch. Not really what I envisioned, but looks better from a distance.
48" x 58"
This is called a friendship block, but as a whole the colors remind me of those pastel heart candies you see at Valentine's Day!
57" x 57", 2012
A double Irish Chain, though I didn't know it at the time--just a design I liked on Pinterest!
58" x 58", 2012
Wonky nine-patch. I like the old-fashioned look of this, updated with a little wonkiness! The print fabrics were reproductions of circa-1800 fabric used in quilts I saw at a show at the Victoria & Albert Museum in 2010.
57" x 66", tied, 2012


Basic patch quilt--wanted to leave this vintage-y floral print intact
(see detail below, against the flannel backing).
50" x 50", 2011


A very busy medallion quilt, with more red than I usually go for!
66" x 66", professionally quilted, 2011

Renee's quilt, feathered star pattern. 75" x 75", professionally quilted, 2011

Flower pattern based on Wiener Werkstatte (Vienna Workshop) rose logo, 1903 (see detail below).
50" x 59", 2011


A design I recreated from a quilting catalog.
62" x 62", professionally quilted, 2009
In a true "postage" stamp quilt, each colored square is different and the squares are 1". I ended up repeating some fabrics and my squares are 1.5".  Given how mind-numbing this sort of quilt can be, I'm fine with the changes!
50" x 50", hand quilted, 2009
I think of this as my "girly" quilt. 66" x 66", 2010, professionally quilted.


Oklahoma Nine-Patch, one of my favorites! 57" x 57", 2008
Abstract Grids. This grid design was an experiment, using up a fat-quarter sampler pack. Mixed feelings about it--I like some of the fabrics more than others--but I quilted it abstractly, which was fun.
55" x 55", 2008
Star sampler, another design I recreated from a quilt catalog.  Their's used pastel fabrics, but I like mine better with these jewel tones.
56" x 56", 2008
Stars at an angle. I remember spending a lot of time trying to pick out just the right neutral for the background, and then I ended up hating this insipid ecru! Ended up donating it to Project Linus for Haitian relief after the hurricane.
52" x 52", 2008


I made this sampler in a quilting class--each block is actually hand-sewn. I guess I thought it wouldn't amount to much and thus decided to use up some rather bright '80s-colored fabrics. I put it away and completely forgot about it for 10 years. When I unearthed it, it didn't seem so bad after all--though still bright!--and decided to finally finish it.
48" x 48", started 2001, finished 2011

Backing with leftover flannel scraps.

I believe this is similar to a Ducks & Ducklings block--I have no idea why it's called that! But each block had 21 pieces and it got to be kind of mind-numbing. I've always like it but sadly, it's faded quite a bit. I originally finished the top in 2003 and in 2006 I decided to make a comforter cover out of it instead of actually quilting it.
Mom's quilt. The vintage look of this made me think of her childhood and the pink satin border is from her mother's pillowcase. 2005
Trees & log cabins. This ended up with my aunt & uncle in Oregon because it reminded me a bit of where they live. 2005?

Boston Common pattern, a lot of work but worth it. 38" x 54", 2005
Ugghh, did not work in so many ways. And then I spilled red wine on it not once, but twice!
49" x 49", 2007?