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I made this sampler in a quilting class--each block is actually hand-sewn. I guess I thought it wouldn't amount to much and thus decided to use up some rather bright '80s-colored fabrics. I put it away and completely forgot about it for 10 years. When I unearthed it, it didn't seem so bad after all--though still bright!--and decided to finally finish it.
48" x 48", started 2001, finished 2011

Backing with leftover flannel scraps.

I believe this is similar to a Ducks & Ducklings block--I have no idea why it's called that! But each block had 21 pieces and it got to be kind of mind-numbing. I've always like it but sadly, it's faded quite a bit. I originally finished the top in 2003 and in 2006 I decided to make a comforter cover out of it instead of actually quilting it.
Mom's quilt. The vintage look of this made me think of her childhood and the pink satin border is from her mother's pillowcase. 2005
Trees & log cabins. This ended up with my aunt & uncle in Oregon because it reminded me a bit of where they live. 2005?

Boston Common pattern, a lot of work but worth it. 38" x 54", 2005
Ugghh, did not work in so many ways. And then I spilled red wine on it not once, but twice!
49" x 49", 2007?

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